Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is it possible to keep a sewing room neat?

I mean when you actually USE it?  Here is my room in August.
I could even keep the door open without worrying that someone would see it!

So neat!
A place for everything and everything in its place.
 I swore it would stay this way.  Photo from this lovely October morning:
I really wanted to make this photo as small as possible, but I'm hoping that publicly shaming myself will encourage me to get it cleaned up.
I only made a few baby things!  In the process, I had to tear through every piece of fabric I owned to decide which ones to use.  Then I discovered a ton of fabric that had snuck into the stash without being washed.  I long ago promised myself that I would wash all fabric as it came into the house so that it would be ready when I needed it.  I have no idea how all that unwashed fabric got on my shelves.  I'm blaming Brian.  The mess I will have to take responsibility for mess.
Hints on keep sewing rooms neat would be appreciated.  Maybe I can get Pam of Threading My Way to set up a Link Party for this!  If you have not visited Pam's site--that would just be crazy cuz if you sew you HAVE to have found her site, but if not check it out.  Never-ending link parties in all kinds of sewing categories that I often turn to for inspiration.


  1. In between projects I do like to tidy, but it doesn't always happen. Creative places are not meant to be tidy while you are working!!! Your sewing room is so spacious and with lots of storage for when you are having a break from creating. AND it looks like you have a designated cutting table; maybe on wheels and able to fold up??? Thanks so much for the kind words and link back. There is a link party for Sewing Spaces - not a lot of links added but some great storage and organisational idea. Looks like you have all the storage and organisation ideas covered in your room - just need the motivation to do the boring tidy up after the whirlwind of creativity... LOL!!! You are definitely not alone!!!

  2. To answer your post title - NO :)

    My room would look like that too except I have my stuff spread out amongst 3 rooms in the basement. It started out as one room, then some stuff quietly bled into room #2, and in the last few months other stuff has snuck into room #3. My sewing room is fairly tidy (I'd give it a 7/10), but I have a LOT of stuff in there ... hence the need to spread the goods, LOL!

    No tips from me --- unless ... well, I have a basket on my sewing table - I use it for "filing". When I have extra sewing notions I didn't need, or leftover fabric, or paper patterns that I'm done with, or - more often - new purchases from Ebay - I throw 'em in the basket until I have time to put them away. It helps a TINY bit to keep my areas somewhat decluttered :D

  3. Oh dear! Looks like my craft room after I finish a project. Maybe I shouldn't add sewing to my repertoire. LOL! I think I'm going to study your before picture a little more because I see some brilliant tips ...llike those scissors held by a binder clip. Genius! I will visit Pam's page for inspiration and strength.