Monday, October 27, 2014

Not getting much sewing done, but we've been moseying along here!

This is the sole extent of my creative endeavors lately.  Still don't regret covering the door to the basement with chalkboard paint. When I have a need to play with artsy stuff, the door gets a workout.  What better to play with than chalk--it's so forgiving and temporary.  I may not be artistically talented, but I don't let that stop me.

I've been doing too much pinning, not enough sewing, lots of hiking and biking on the Zim Smith Trail--
where you can find a ton of rocks for cairn building, and biking at the Saratoga Battlefield where you can often see deer like this little beast.
 We also FINALLY, almost a year later, went up north to my parents' hometown, Long Lake, New York to scatter my  mother's ashes.  Some were scattered into the lake near the town center.  Ama always did like to know what was going on in town.
Some were scattered at Buttermilk Falls just up the road.  It flows into Long Lake and was a favorite place of my mother's.
If you are near Long Lake you really should go to the falls.  This next photo doesn't do the buttery yellow and white water justice, but it's close enough.
It was raining and cold which would have please my highly superstitious mother who said that it was good luck to be buried in the rain and married in sunshine. I have no idea how good luck applies to the dead, and I'm sure those of us shivering in the rain were not feeling lucky.  Then again, we did have a great lunch at the Adirondack Hotel across from the town beach.  Finding any restaurant is a challenge up north.  I guess finding a good one was where our luck came into play.

My daughter Keegan, sister Robin, husband Brian, and me.  It was in the 60s the day before in Clifton Park.  I knew enough to dress for the north country's version of fall, about 30 degrees colder than our area, unlike some other people whose names I will not mention.
Must include a photo with Robin's husband Jim who also came along for the adventure.
That would be the guy taking videos with his phone.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of someone who is not taking a picture nowadays?  Almost every photo I have is of someone taking a picture-sometimes taking a photo of me taking a photo of them!  Never really noticed how much this happens until this trip.
 Rest in peace, Ama. 
Anne Cecilia LeBlanc Young Bressette 1963!


  1. Love your chalk art! I'd say you're pretty talented. What a lovely place to scatter your mothers ashes. So much better than a burial I think. What a beautiful smile she had! Never thought about taking pictures of people while they are taking pictures, but it will probably happen all the time now that you've mentioned it!

  2. HAHA if people aren't taking pictures, they're on a cellphone - it's actually rather scary! (Mini rant - it's also sad - so many times you see groups of people and instead of talking to each other, they're on their phones talking or texting. DRIVES ME CRAZY)

    Fun door art (I didn't realize it was a door until you mentioned it and then I found the doorknob, lol) - great nature pictures (especially the waterfalls, which I always find invigorating yet relaxing - odd, eh?), and best of all the family pics - love 'em! RIP Ama :)

  3. Very pretty chalkboard door. That is giving me ideas. And your photos are so pretty. Lovely area. That is a beautiful place to scatter your Mother's ashes. She looks like she was a lovely woman.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos!!! Lots of memories.

    The chalkboard door is a great idea. You can showcase each creation for as long or as little as you like.