Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tried the Ultimate Baby Bib Pattern (It's a Free Download!)

I think I've downloaded every free bib out there by now.  This one creates a pocket for catching crumbs that unsnaps for emptying and washing.
The bottom gets turned up, folded to the back, and snapped.
It's an easy pattern.  I think the hardest part was thinking through the snap part to be sure I was putting them on right.  My resident dragon agreed to serve as model here. 
The pocket has the advantage of popping open a bit to really catch all those little crumbs which is more obvious in the photo below.
I'd love to tell you where the embroidery design came from, but my sieve-like memory fails me here. Just Google it! Since I did not pay for the pattern, I went searching for that link which is right here.  I sooooo appreciate it when people share their patterns.  That link takes you to the maker's tutorial which includes a link to get the free pattern on Craftsy.
The maker used laminated fabrics which is a great idea.  For my first try, though, I went with cotton and flannel.   Laminated fabrics are freakin' expensive, and I am not experimenting on my tiny, costly stash of them.  Next time, though, I'll try the laminates....maybe.  I have a really hard to actually cutting into pricey fabrics. 


  1. That's a lovely bib for your resident dragon - I'm sure everyone will be happy when she doesn't drop crumbs everywhere - even imaginary ones :D

    I too have a hard time cutting into pricey (or precious - as in fabrics I can't get easily) fabrics. I bought 3 yards of TMNT fabrics in Ogdensburg this weekend - we shall SEE if I ever manage to use them!

  2. Pretty clever pattern and it turned out beautifully! Love the dragon model LOL! I'm still a little afraid to try out my new sewing machine, but I plan to!