Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Club at the Cape and an Update on the Swimsuit Sarong

Every book club should have a getaway meeting--especially if one of the members has moved to a lovely beach town on Cape Cod.
I had to show you the osprey nest on top of what they tell me is a insect control box. I do love an over-sized home.
We spent about ten minutes discussing books and hours and hours on the beach, eating seafood, and trying out all the different wines everyone brought along. 
Some of the ladies of the club at a nursery that had a fairy garden with these sweet stone pieces.

See the little fairy door built into the stone?
We squeezed in several nurseries including the Cape Code Lavender nursery and also managed a short but expensive trip to the Scargo Pottery store.

And as for the swimsuit sarong update--I don't know whether it is that I'm too lazy to tie a knot or my present obsession with putting snaps on everything.  I decided to update last year's sarong with some pearl snaps.  I put two sets of snaps on the top to make it a wrap-around.
Love how the fabric drapes on the side showing a swirl of the black backing fabric.

The fact that I think this way makes me look thinner may have something to do with the snap decision.


  1. What's the secret? I need to appear thinner in mine! LOL Love the garden.

  2. VERY clever idea to put snaps on!!! A knot definitely adds on weight, especially if wearing a long blouse on top, which I usually do. I'm going to have to invest in some snaps, so I can try this... when the weather warms a little.

  3. Which part of the first picture is the nest? I enlarged it but I can't quite figure out what is what :D Love the fairy door - if my kids ever give me GRANDIES, I'm going to enlist hubby into doing fairy/gnomey designs outside for fun, for the kids - I think it's adorable!

    GIMME SNAPS! ALL of them! If 2 sets work to thin, then I need 22 sets :D I'm obsessed with those snaps too, thanks to you, lol. I put snaps on 2 zipper pouches today - I'm now all out of the antiquey bronze size 24's I bought - will have to - darn it all - go back to the store and buy more. Poor me :D

  4. The nest is on top of the box-like structure in the middle of the field. That area is all marshland--not supposed to be walking out there. Without my zoom lens camera, this was the best shot I could get!

    I've never seen one built so low before. I guess the water provides more than enough protection.