Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sarong Swimsuit Cover

After the panty purse, it was time to do something I will actually use.  With my vacation around the corner, I finally made this sarong I found in a Sew Stylish magazine a while back.
It can be worn several ways.  Here are a couple more pics from the magazine:

The article also mentioned folding down the top edge before tying if you want it shorter which is nice with the contrasting fabrics or using it as a shawl.

Here's mine.  My usual victim model, Melissa, wasn't available, so this will have to do.
It looks much better on.  Unfortunately, I've not figured out how to take pics of myself in an outfit!  The photo doesn't do the material justice either, so I'm including a couple of close-ups.  It is a Simply Silky design from Joann's.

The sarong is made from two 40x64" rectangles of lightweight, drapable fabric.  You can see how the fabric is folded to 32 inches to cut the curve in the second pic above.  Then you just sew the two pieces right sides together around the edges leaving an opening to turn.  The seams on the one in the magazine seemed to fall better than mine.  You can see the slight puff that material has at the seams better in this photo:

My material didn't hang as well.  I decided to do a 1/4" top stitch all the way around which I like much better.  While I like the fabric, I wish I had more choices available locally.  I really need to get down to New York City to check out some of the garment district stores I've read about.  I'm a couple of hours away and have never made a fabric run. Anyone with fabric store suggestions please feel free to share with us in the comments!

Update:  For a change using snaps, check out this post


  1. That is beautiful! How fun to go on vacation! Where are you going?

    1. Ft. Myers in Florida with a stop at Universal for Harry Potter things. Yay!! I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I've just finished watching all the movies on DVD--again for my upcoming visit.

  2. Love this!! My post-baby confidence love this, too!

  3. At least you have an excuse for the "transitioning" figure! I'm still complaining about the baby weight. With the youngest having just turned 21, that has become a standing joke as in, "put the popcorn down or you will get more baby fat."

  4. This is so cool. I really need one!! Do you ship?

  5. Sarongs are such a versatile cover up over swimwear. Love the fabric you have chosen!!! This would look great with LOTS of different coloured swimsuits.