Friday, June 28, 2013

More Garden Inspiration -- Glass Garden Totems

I saw one of these in my friend's Cape Cod garden over the weekend which inspired a trip to the Salvation Army store.  I accidentally lucked out by arriving on a "most-things-are-half-price-today" sale!

Nature assisted by filling this one last night. 

The upside-down base vases of both totems are sitting atop pieces of a straight curtain rod--so much cheaper than buying something. and the white looks good! 

The top piece of this one is a $6 paperweight from Marshall's.  The rest of the pieces of both totems are S. A. purchases that were from fifty cents to a dollar.  To bring in more blue, I filled the center piece, a cruet with a nice snug top, with water and blue food coloring.

Can't wait for the next half-price day!

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  1. Holy smokes! I love these! I cannot stop looking at that blue one! So beautiful! Now I'm adding an interesting glass piece to my S.A. list! Nice job Baye!

  2. Coloured water - the perfect embellishment for a perfect embellishment!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Now I will look at the second-hand store glass items with much more enthusiasm. I'm going to have to make one for myself, but of course for my mother and two sisters also as gifts! Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  4. These are beautiful, and boy, did you luck out with that sale!

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