Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making Your Own Fabric Box

I love cloth covered boxes but they are either expensive, the wrong color, or the wrong size. BUT I found Joel Dewberry's book,  Sewn Spaces:  Fresh and Modern Project for You with a fabric box tutorial.  Yes!   I have a closet  full of fabric--literally.  (Go see pics of the cleaned up fabric closet here for proof of my addiction.)  Why buy them when I can make them AND actually use some of the stash.

Since I have an aversion to following directions, I made some changes in the pattern.  Here is my first prototype.  It bears almost no resemblance to Joel's other than that both are fabric and squarish. I did, however, follow his basic pattern.  The fabric is a Joann's wool remnant and buttons are from my old button stash.  I love the old man leather buttons on one side.
 And the big old round ones on the other.

Joel's box was smaller and had ties at the top.  I needed something a bit bigger for my sock collection aka future sock creature collection.   I decided to go with button loops at the top and midway down.

This was a pretty quick project despite my changes--an evening of work.  I will definitely be doing more with corduroy, denim, and a few pieces of decorator fabric I have.  Some changes I will probably make in the future:
  • Make the sides a little shorter.  This is a ten inch square on the bottom and the sides are 10x12.  Joel's base was 7x7 and the sides were--ummm, I forget.  I think 7 as well.  
  • I'd also use something heavier than the Pellon ultra-firm stabilizer or, at least use a double thickness of the Pellon.  I want those sides to stand tall, and I want to store heavier things in them.  
  • I might put more buttons down the sides to make it more solid, too. 
I  have a few other ideas to try instead of the ties or buttons.  I'll have Prototype II up soon hopefully.  It is good to be sewing again!


  1. Love that idea! So designer and finished looking too. Great job.

  2. Thanks! I knew I'd get to use those wool pieces someday!

  3. Are you going to post a tutorial, or not, since there's a book?

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  5. Hi KatrinkaJane (sorry I spelled your name wrong in my email:-(),

    Since I used so much of Joel Dewberry’s pattern for it, I don't think I should. I did post a second fabric box with a tutorial, though, because the pattern was really quite different than Dewberry’s. I actually like mine better and found it easier to do. The link is:

    The new one uses Velcro. You could still sew the button loops into the sides of the new version and place buttons on the alternate sides with the full-length flaps.

    Your library may well have a copy of Dewberry’s book if you want to take a look at it without having to purchase one.