Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meditation Chimes Available Online FREE!

Do you meditate?  Do you use a timer that emits an annoyingly jarring sound that practically ruins the experience?   Try this online timer at .  While you can't download it, it's easy to go to the page and set it.  It even has an interval timer that can be set as well.  That's kinda cool.  Sometimes I'm so antsy, I can see that it would be good to have an idea of where I am in the process. 

Don't forget to figure out level you will need to set your computer sound control on for a soothing ring.  Too loud is not a great way to start or stop meditating. 

So, check out this timer, make your own comfy  meditation cushion (also known as an old couch cushion repurposed), and happy meditating.  Your meditation session will end with a soothing sound rather than a jarring noise.  Peace.


  1. Hello, Shaz here again. Wasn't quite sure how to contact you other than on one of your posts - just wanted you to know that I've mentioned you in my 'Stylish Blogger Awards' nominations - thought a few others might enjoy your posts too :)

  2. This works for me! What an honor! Thanks so much.

  3. Hi,
    I know you just asked a question about the button on my blog. Your email is set to No reply so I can't email you back. Had to leave a comment here. I just did a post on my blog on Sunday about No Replies if you want to change your setting to get return emails.
    Take care,

  4. Tibetan singing bowl for sale. I purchased this for us for a household to consider a minute to pay attention to calming, and i believe it really helps calm the kids lower. Their college uses chimes as part of the responsive classroom, so we tend to be bringing this particular viewpoint into our houses. Plus it is beautiful, and clearly well-crafted. Recommend!