Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xyron Magic Sticker Machine

When got the Xyron sticker maker free at the Maker Faire,  I thought I'd use it, but didn't think it would be used all that often.  I've used it three times in less than a week on things I never imagined when I got it.

First, I was doing the  frog pattern from a previous post.  I hate it when I can't remember where the pattern came from..  You cut it out, file the pattern pieces away, and wonder where you got it from months or years later.  Yes, I could write on it, but the Lil Blue Boo blog owner who created the pieces had printed out her information on the page containing the pattern.  I'm cutting the pattern anyway--why not just cut out the info, run it through the new sticker maker, and slap it on the pattern!  So take one Xyron machine and the cut outs, and I will know where the pattern came from in order to give credit whenever I use it.

A day later I wanted a address label.  Why get out the label paper, load the printer, etc. when I can just type it out on a bit of paper--scrap paper at that--and run it through the sticker maker!

Today, I wanted to post a note on the dryer reminding my houseful of young people that they could and should CLEAN OUT THE LINT FILTER ON THE DRYER.  I wanted something more than the usual post-it.  I think this is going to have to be up for a while.  Amazingly enough, I'm finding that people in their late teens and twenties are more forgetful than preschoolers.  So, in any case, yeah, I used the Xyron.  Scribble a note on the back of a piece of scrap paper, run it through the little machine,
 and you have this.  
The sticky stuff works great.
I thought the information about clothes drying faster might capture their attention.  I find this crew of housemates are often drying something they need to wear NOW.

I love this little machine.  It's cute, takes up little space, and makes me think creatively.  I've just started my 21 Secrets Art Journal Lessons.  In the midst of the first one, I'm thinking, "I can use my Xyron to do some of this!"  I've check out the price of adhesive refills.  They are exceptionally reasonable and come in permanent and repositional strengths.  In fact, the machines are really inexpensive as well.  I'm really going to have to let the Xyron people know how much I appreciate their gift.  Their new slogan should be, "Xyron, not just for scrap-booking."

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