Friday, October 8, 2010

The new park in the neighborhood

I pushed my husband to join our neighborhood district parks committee a number of years ago.  It's a citizens' group that makes decisions on how the money allotted to parkland in the neighborhoods will be spent with final town approval.  Brian suggested I do it  myself, but I reminded him that my ability to compromise was somewhat lacking.  (He agreed a little too quickly now that I think about it.)  He, on the other hand, has an exceptional ability to work with a group on something.  Perhaps 27 years of putting up with me has helped with that. 

The Stony Creek Parks Committee has been working on developing a large piece of land into a combined nature/play area for a few years.  It's not quite finished , but I do need to brag about the incredible park area this small group of volunteers managed to get in despite some neighbors who worked hard to block it. I wish my house bordered this area!  We are just a short walk away, though.

The park is right in the midst of suburbia, but you barely get a glimpse of the houses in the area. There are what seems like miles of looped, stone dust trails.  A lot of people are already using them for walking, jogging, and biking.

This is my lovely husband Brian and another parks committee member, Paul Bylenok, on the trails this past weekend.

 Several beautiful bridges go over streams and wetlands.
Benches are from recycled materials.

Water, webs, and all kinds of growing things are there to fascinate kids and adults.  I cannot wait for the frogs to appear next year!  Our area is filled with them.  I have a penchant for taking pictures of frogs, toads, lizards, turtles and snakes.  They are much more cooperative than mammals.

The Town of Clifton Park employees involved and, especially, the Stony Creek Parks Committee members should  be very proud of what they have accomplished.  Thank you!

Update:  I forgot to mention the Cleveland Brothers Landscaping Company from Corinth, New York that did the ground work in the park.  How could I forget them!  They not only did a terrific job, but were also always pleasant to and tolerant of those of us who just could not wait to walk through the trails. They get a well deserved thanks as well.


  1. The park is wonderful - I enjoyed a short walk yesterday and found the trails in great shape. Agreed that we need a way to walk there without getting into cars. Moe Road is not pedestrian friendly. I will enjoy taking my grandchildren walking around this area.

  2. Oh your first paragraph made me laugh - mostly because it reminds me of me! What a beautiful place and some very pretty pics too. x