Sunday, January 31, 2016

The New Slippers

Apparently these slippers are quite popular with men in Mongolia.  My son Kyle knows his father's taste in clothing runs about as simple as possible.  Shirt, pants, shoes, belt--all in dull colors and he's set for the day. I only got him to wear a pull-over sweater a couple of years ago.  So, of course, these slippers are what Kyle brought back from Mongolia for his dad this week. Kyle also knows that no matter what he gives his dad it will be accepted graciously.  These slippers, however, truly were a test of that.   

Brian's been wearing them a lot since getting them.  I suspect he's hoping to wear them out fast. If these slippers are as good as the Mongolian socks Kyle brought back last year, Brian's slippers will be keeping our kids giggling for years to come. I'm just waiting for the day Brian forgets he's wearing them when he goes out to the mailbox. 


  1. You didn't mention that Brian is part elf! Those are ... quite the slippers! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm do we get to see the Mongolian socks too??!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

    I think my hubby is equal to yours in the simplicity department. I wouldn't even be able to get him to wear a sweater unless it was actually a hoody. He wears t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts ... and long sleeved shirts if they're lightweight denim with the name of his employer on them, LOL. Chinos for everyday wear, work-weight cargo or painter type pants for work, and one ratty pair of track pants that are so hideous even HE won't wear them out of the house. He also wears socks with sandals. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my husband - but he's definitely a man of simple tastes, lol!

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  3. My last response was so filled with typos I needed to start over! The Mongolian socks are just like ours, just made from camel wool. I don't have any but am told they keep your feet nice and warm when needed without making them overly warm all the time. I think I shall get a pair.

  4. Kudos to hubby for wearing slippers that are anything but plain. I'd have no hesitation wearing them.