Saturday, January 9, 2016

Preparing for the end of the year by starting at the beginning...

Raise your had if you think I can reach my Christmas sewing goal by starting now?  Well, for all you doubters, I have started.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I need to buy  more ribbon.  Need some wide silky or grosgrain red here.

One wrapping sack down, countless more to go.  I even boxed the corners.

I wish this fabric showed up as well in  photos as it does in person.  The color are vibrant and it's covered in shiny silver glitter.  If someone knows a camera trick, please share.  Here is close-up that kinda shows it.

Yay for Joann's remnant piles! 

A thank you to sewing muse Sandra for the challenge!

With all the busy-ness, I never showed you my Christmas tree.

Still love the tulle with lights for skirting.
OOOOHHHHHH, isn't that pretty?!!! Yes, but I'm glad it's all put away now. There is just so much fa la la I can take. 

Take care, y'all.


  1. I actually have to buy ribbon on a fairly regular (although not frequent) basis - despite the stash I have, there are still times when you need a certain something-something, and stash items just won't do! That's a lovely print - I do SO love Joanns remmie bins, although they tend to be 90% fleece+weird "other" fabrics - nice remmies are getting scarcer than hen's teeth! I reread your bag description from your email - I wasn't quite getting it until I saw the photo, and now I understand what you did :) If it makes life easier, you can use a grommet for the center hole, instead of a buttonhole :D Congrats on your CHALLENGE COMPLETED status - let me think on the next one, haha. I cut out and kitted 3 more drawstring bags tonight to finish up a piece of Christmas fabric I had hanging around - shall I challenge you to another bag of any kind (drawstring, zipper, whatever catches your fancy)?

    BTW - your tree is lovely, and your tulle treeskirt is TODIEFOR :)

  2. You are off to a wonderful start!!! Sandra is a great motivator.