Friday, November 14, 2014

A much more manageable rice heating pad

Okay!  I now realized that smaller is better with rice pads.  This one is for the neck and doesn't weigh enough to compact the spinal column like the last one, so it can get tied on.  I am wearing it at the moment just because I can.  Also it's providing me with some heat since winter has finally descended on New York's capital district area with a sprinkling of snow and cold this morning.

The sewing went well.  Unfortunately, I could not find my funnel and ended up doing this:

which resulted in scenes like this:

and this:

Something tells me I will be finding grains of rice in my sewing room for some time to come. 

This was made with two 9x13" pieces of fabric for the base.  When I finished, I thought I had over-stuffed it because it was rigid, not forming to the neck.  However, just bending and playing with it a bit made it softer so that it bent to the neck nicely.  I don't know whether the flannel stretched out or the rice just needed to settle more.  Either way, it turned out perfectly for me.   


    1. Hmmmmmmmm bending and playing with things tends to make them firm, not softer - but I guess YMMV :) Glad your rejigged heating pad worked out - LOL @ the rice spillage - I would have exactly the same results!

      I have the same home version of a funnel that you have - I finally resorted to hiding the plastic one in my sewing room so I can use it for stuffing things with those polystyrene balls (love those things). Hubby and the kids can borrow the paper funnel - HAHAHA funny if they're trying to funnel pickle juice or something!

    2. Definitely looks less cumbersome. So, as I was reading this, I realized that you must have posted another one that I missed. Turns out, I didn't get email notification of your last 3 posts, but I got one for this post. Anyway, glad to know you're still sewing away and trying to make me drag out that new sewing machine that I haven't even threaded yet. Would you rate this as a beginners project??