Friday, November 14, 2014

New Towel Emboidery Design

I've been searching high and low for nice towels to embroider, both kitchen and bath.  Some I purchased on Amazon that turned out to be much more utilitarian and dull when they arrived than they appeared in the online photos. I was going to just keep them myself til I found this design from Embroidery Library.
There is another one that say's "I'll Dry."  The design fits perfectly with the rather rustic looking towels.  It gave me the idea of creating sets of these towels with some denim aprons and potholder items for my kids for Christmas.  I'm going to try to take most of the denim from my hoard of old jeans I've saved from the kids to make them more personal.

In order to accomplish this, I am going to have to stop doing housework from now until Christmas.  I know.  It's a lot to give up, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice for my children.  Who knew I'd still be able to use the kids for an excuse for not doing housework even after they were grown and gone!


  1. Tell you what - I'll throw my considerable weight behind you on this one, and will stop housework right along side you. It's a sacrifice I too am willing to make! I'm generous and kind that way ;)

    I think you should rejig the embro pattern so one says "You wash", and the other one says "You dry". That would be better :D

  2. How cute! Love that you're giving up housework for the kids. LOL! Sacrifices must be made.

  3. I almost never do housework, so I wouldn't really gain much time if I gave up. Love that embroidery and combined with denim aprons and potholders will make great Christmas presents.