Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just doin' the small stuff

I've not done anything particularly blog-worthy lately.  Just puttering around with the Silhouette making beautiful labels to turn my ugly, recycled Tide containers into zipper storage.  Look at those perfectly cut little zipper thingies!

 No,  the ugly containers will not stay on the shelf.  They are a cabinet,

 with the black, pumpkin looking one holding all the neutral zips,

while the zig-zag pink labeled one holds my colorful zips.

 I also made a little, everyday bag from old jeans.
Yeah, I stole Sandra of Sandra Sews little button eyes idea.  Cute and they're covering the uneven stitching lines I made at the top of the pockets.  That pen is supposed to look like a nose. No one else sees that but me, though.

We've also been trapping and releasing these guys in a lovely forest far, far away from our house

 because they have been doing this

to my newly sided house.  They are also gnawing on my lawn furniture, eighty dollar bird feeders, and anything else they can get their little teeth on.  Fifteen down and still have four more out there hanging off my bird feeders this morning.  I think I may have to stop feeding the birds to get rid of the problem.  That's a bit sad.  I do love watching the beasts.  I liked the squirrels, too, before they started chewing all my stuff.

Did some fun stuff like hiking at this beautiful place in the Huyck Preserve at Berne, New York
 with my lovely husband, Brian and daughter, Keegan.

Last, I started doing Nutrisystem this week!  When the last ten pounds I needed  to lose (for the last eight or nine years) turned into twenty, I HAD to try something different.  Why I could lose well over fifty pounds on my own, but not this last bit is beyond me.  I tried Weight Watchers, but didn't like all the time I had to spend counting and recording and just thinking about food.  I think I need these two things:  recognizing what an actual portion should be again and paying attention to the extra-eating triggers.  I figured Nutrisystem would quickly work well for both those issues.  It has already been an eye-opener on both counts.  I lost a couple of pounds  in the half a week I've been on the program.  Good start!  Wish me luck...


  1. The zipper containers are BRILLS (brilliant, but I'm pretending to be hip today) .... I wouldn't even want to calculate how many I would need, LOL. Hey - your Live Traffic Feed just showed someone visiting from your town - you and I are here at the same time, lol! Love the bag- does TOO look like a nose - I thought so before I even read your post, so there :D I like the red embellishments - very kicky with the denim :) Sorry about your squirrel problem - I'd be kicking a$$ if one of the little basta ... I mean if one of the little guys chewed up any of my house - I'd be going all NINJA on their little squirrel tails :D Nice hiking pics - hi, Brian, hi Keegan *waving madly towards NY, much to the puzzlement of DH* :) Congrats on the pounds lost (I think I found them) - keep up the good work :) I tried WW a few years ago - hated counting points - I much prefer to count calories - points are too proprietary and secretive *pffft*.

  2. I'm thinking that I do not have one single zipper in my house, so zipper storage is never going to be an issue for me! LOL! (Unless I learn to use that zipper thingy that came with my sewing machine.) I do love those little button eyes and I see a nose too!You know...a dog will keep those squirrels away and then you can still feed birds. As for weight loss...good luck girl! I started using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone and am having pretty good success. Now...I'm curious about your patio.....I see pavers in that picture and I'm about to install some...any tips?

  3. I usually reply to comments by email, but just in case someone else reads your comment, my advice is: make sure the paver level is not higher than the present door area or water may come in. I think I may be one of the few people who read comments as well as blog posts from what I read online, though! The rest is in the email, Danni!

  4. The Silhouette machine looks like it's getting lots of use. The jeans bag looks great with the red zip and button eyes.