Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fixing a Painting Mistake at Last

About ten years ago, I painted my mantel brown.  You can see just a bit of that "brown" mantel in this old photo of my son and grandson.  It would be the bilious green strip at the top of the pic.

I swear it looked brown in the store! Somehow, in my house it looked like a pea soup green . By the time I accepted that it was not going to somehow turn brown if I just put enough coats of paint on, I didn't want to deal with it anymore.  I have spent the ensuing years telling people I thought it looked just fine, thank you.

Well, it may have taken ten years to get up the courage to try again, but I do love it this time. It's Behr's Dark Cavern. It's a deep gray with a brown tint, not blue.

I should have done this ten years ago.  Another job off the list!


  1. It looks like you got your pictures back! The mantel doesn't look bad in the first picture - certainly not bilious, LOOOOOOOOOOOL! But then - I do like almost every shade of green :D The new colour is quite lovely, though - it's very RICH - the colour name is fantastic! But - please explain what the heck is going on in that first picture - is someone using special dental tongs to remove the sore tooth of a giant, while his proficient (and sizable) apprentice holds him to protect him from lava on the floor?

  2. Looks pretty awesome to me! Paint denial is a long term affliction. I never did get around to repainting the colors I didn't like at my old house. Nice job girl!

  3. Nice choice! The whole fireplace looks fabulous.

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