Monday, February 24, 2014

No I've Not Been On An Extended Vacation...

I've been away--from my blog.  Sometimes life gets busy with things that make boring blog posts.  However, I finally made it back into my sewing room yesterday.  My embroidery machine proved to be the clear winner in the productivity department. It managed to create these from some Huck towels I made last year.
The towel is crooked in that last one, not the design.  Designs are from the Embroidery Library (
In the same amount of time that my machine got all that finished, I got this far with the hungry bunny pouch I've been meaning to make.
Honestly, I had two towels finished before I was able to decide which fabrics to use for the damned bunny. No, I am not using the red polka dot zippers for it.  I just dumped all my zippers trying to choose a zipper. Another towel was nearing completion before I was able to decide on the zipper and interfacing.

Don't look for the finished bunny anytime soon.  This morning, as I tried to put the pieces on the zipper, I realized the bunny is not symmetrical.  I should have read the directions more carefully.  Okay, I should have READ the directions. It appears that I've not cut things right, and  I've used up all that polka dot lining fabric.  Good thing I have a few more towels ready to embroider while I try to decide on another fabric.


  1. I didn't notice it wasn't symmetrical - I don't always follow directions, although I do *skim* through them, haha. Can't you just add a piece of fabric to the cute polka dot lining to make it big enough? If you place it in the ear area nobody would see it, except MAYBE the Easter bunny :D

    BLIMEY cute towels! ;)

  2. A red polka dot zipper... I like the sound of that!!! I'm with Sandra... as it's lining, can you add another piece of fabric to the lining. It's inside, so no one will see it. I also only skim patterns, until I can't work something out or make mistakes. Am I right in assuming that once you set the embroidery machine going, it works by itself???? The towels look GREAT!!!