Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lil Blue Boo's Hungry Bunny Pouch Completed!

Oh, the misery when you don't follow directions!  I turned a rather simple project into a PROJECT.  First I only scanned the directions.  The part about cutting the pieces back-to-back being essential because the bunny is asymmetrical?  I missed that.  Hence there was a bit of extra cutting to get all the pieces to match up.

I did, however, zero in on the hand sewing of the lining in my quick scan of the directions.  I'll spend a hour machine sewing to get out of ten minutes of hand sewing so that had to change.  In a consultation with my sewing muse, Sandra, I was advised to sew the zipper pieces together as usual,  then just sandwich the rest and sew around the edges.  Being literal I sewed all the way around the edges. No, you gotta leave an opening for turning. Okay, ripped out a few stitches, turned it right-side out, and sewed up that opening. Done!

My  bunny was supposed to be two different fabrics in the front like some of Sandra's.  Somehow that did not happen.  Still, it's a cute little thing and the lining is lovely as you can see if you look inside there.  Check out this link  and this one for more examples of Sandra's awesome fabric choices.
The pattern (AND the directions) are at  Lil  Blue Boo.