Saturday, March 24, 2012

The New Cutting Table Ruler Holder

I have a place to hang all my rulers when I'm not using them that works great!
(I wrote about making these pegboard inserts here)
This is usually enough cuz I'm just working with one or two of them.  However, I've been using four different rulers for the courthouse steps blocks.  As the blocks grew, another ruler worked better for squaring.  The rulers were all over!  I went to Staples for a file holder and found this:
It not only holds the rulers I'm working with, but all the other little things I'm using AND it twirls.
Both sides have lots of little places for pins, rippers, cutters, scissors, chalk wheel, disappearing ink pens and still lots more room.   It spins on ball bearings--really smooth.  The base is sturdy making it quite stable.  The 25" ruler can stand upright--nice for keeping it out of the way.   This little wonder on sale right now for $19.??  Best $20 I've spent in a while.


  1. Oh I like the "gadget" --- I have a sloted wooden ruler holder that stores all of my rulers, but I have to use other containers for my bits and bobs - it would be great to have everything in one spot! If that thing can hold a 25" ruler without tipping over it must be good!

  2. What a clever idea! I need to work on my organizing skills when it comes to crafting and sewing materials.