Saturday, March 17, 2012

Craftsy Blocks for March

Although I belong to a quilt guild, I don't do a lot of quilting.  I buy books and magazines about quilting and plan way more than I actually do.  The two quilt alongs (QAL's--they even have an acronym!) and the online quilt bee have been the perfect push to get me moving.

Now I'm realizing how little I know about quilting!  I'd never even heard of foundation piecing before this month's blocks. AND, my definition of a throwaway scrap has changed this month.  It's gotten way smaller.  Here is my new scrap trash container that can sit right on my table.
Did I mention that I have a cold?  I have a lot of these empty boxes right now.  This is so much easier than the usual little trash container on the floor--which I always miss anyway.

Here are my March blocks in the browns/blues:
The one on the right is called Broken Spider Web and the left is String Block pattern.
and the orange/blues:
Here are all the months' blocks so far in brown/blue:
and orange/blues:

I'm still working on finishing the Clover and Violet quilt blocks.  Five are finished and seven more to go.  Next month when I go to the quilt guild meeting, I won't feel like an impostor :-)

I also gained a new sewing convert!
Melissa has decided she wants to learn to quilt.  This is her first block!!


  1. Don't feel bad. I "studied" quilting for about a year before I actually began and I still collect more than I work with or can do. I have tons of free online patterns and links to patterns and tutorials from all over the web. There's so much to know that it's hard to stop absorbing and just do it.

    I hope you feel better soon. Your quilt blocks look awesome! I don't normally like blue and orange but I love the way your blocks look together.

    I put my small trash can on the table so I won't miss it. Congrats on the convert! That's a great start. i hope y'all have fun sewing and Happy International Quilting Day!

  2. I love foundation piecing - I'm not very good at stitching accurate seams but I can certainly stitch on a printed line ;) Your blocks look great - now it looks like you have MILES of blocks! Congratulations on the convert (she's your future DIL, I think?) - I love it when the young'uns take up sewing!

  3. Your blocks are awesome and how fun that you are making them in 2 seperate color ways!!!