Monday, February 6, 2012

My Front Load Washer Died, But I'm Not Too Unhappy About It

First, look where I am.  Yeah, in the air, on the way to Florida.  Left the twenty-somethings in charge of the house.  How cool is it that you can blog on top of clouds?  Way cool.

Back to the washer.  I had the front load washer for about seven years.  It died for the second time last week.  The first repair was so expensive, we knew the next time it broke we would just replace it.   I liked that our water bill dropped dramatically when we got the front loader, but otherwise I wasn't really happy with it.  I never had to wash my washing machine before getting the front loader.  I also didn't needed to leave the door open on a washer before.  I found out I needed to clean and air the machine the hard way--once the smell became awful!  I would have gotten another front load one, though, if the water-saving top loaders were not around. BUT they are!  Take a look at my new favorite appliance.

It's an LG with the largest tub possible.  My kids do their own laundry, and  even their "saved up forever" piles fit in.  Love that it saves water, fits more stuff than I ever dreamed possible aside from a laundry mat machine, and has a seemingly infinite number of settings to accommodate all situations.   Look at all those choices:

The part that I really love though, is that it plays music--literally.  Instead of that annoying, jarring buzzer to let you know the wash is finished, it plays a little ditty.  Okay, it does sound like a piece Mr. Rogers would have chosen for the kids, but it is so much better than a buzzer.

I've finally stopped staring at the laundry through the window.   But look at that glass top.  Who wouldn't want to stare in.  Is this what they mean when they say,  "Don't be showing your dirty laundry"?  If so, I apologize. 


  1. What a beauty!! LOL! I am not very happy with my front load washer either. I have to manually dry it with a towel after I use it and also keep the door open so it doesn't smell. It is not a perfect design. I'm glad you are enjoying your new washer. I'm following along :)

  2. good luck with your new appliance. I noticed a remakable decrease in water bills and electricity bills with my front loader...I do so much wash it is never left to dry out anyway.