Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hair Clips for Ipod and Other Techie Wires

Traveling with my computer, two Kindles, an Ipod, and two cell phones means a lot of cords. I've been using this method to keep things from tangling for a while now.  It has worked particularly well while traveling.

Nice and neat.  Headphones, charging cords, and simple hair clips.  The clips work great.  They won't damage the cords, but firmly hold everything in place.  When you are using the cords, just leave the clip around the cord.   Give it a try.

I'm still enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.  Thought you might enjoy a few pics.
The sun setting on our first night
This White Ibis and I were hunting together.  I was so busy looking for
shells that I was next to this guy before I even realized it
Great Blue Heron.   He sat on the dock
oblivious to the passersby.
Gopher tortoise!  
Is this guy not the coolest?  He was just hangin'
out on the side of a building.  I think it is an  Black Anole.
Amazing how close you can get to the birds!  I think this is a
Snowy Egret.


  1. I never thought about that! Or using them for the curling iron cord too! Brilliant!

    1. Glad you like it! Since they come in different sizes, they can fit a number of cords.

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  3. This is really a great idea and the hair clips can do double duty for your hair if you get stuck, lol. Love your photos - glad you're getting nice weather. Thanks so much for sharing at our Link It Up Thursday party.

    1. Double duty is right. I get to use the ones on my Ipod headphones when I go out jogging!

  4. Wow, what fab pics and creatures! How amazing to see them so close up. I love the lizard - in fact he's going on my 'Animal Magnetism' Pinterest board :) P.S. thanks for yet another very clever idea with the hairclips - I'll be using that one. Shaz x

  5. Beautiful beautiful critters - especially that gorgeous Ibis! Most of my family will be in Florida for the entire month of March - we're thinking of joining them next year, but only for a few weeks - they're retired or semi-retired, but my husband still has another 10 years before he gets to that stage, lol.

  6. Good idea with the cords...I hate them all tangled up! And the photos of Fla are lovely - I am leaving NY for Palm Beach and Sanibel on Monday so that weather better stay nice for me!!