Sunday, March 6, 2011

How's That Master Bath Coming Along?

It turns out that remodelers and glass companies are almost as slow as my husband and me.  They take more snow days than an elementary school in the north country and don't work much on weekends.  The essentials are in, though.  The air tub:
and the television:

Sinks, medicine cabinets, toilet, and lights are nice, but the tub and the television are a bit of heaven. 

I love, love, love all the colors in the granite.  I couldn't decide which of the four pictures to show here because they're all so different and all beautiful.

Getting the glass shower enclosure in is proving to be a challenge.  The company just can't seem to make it here to measure.  They, like the remodelers, don't do snow and rescheduling can take a week and a half.  The third attempt to get them here is scheduled for Tuesday.

If it doesn't snow, we might have a finished bathroom in three weeks!  Until that time I am FORCED to get a glass of wine, light some candles, turn on the television, and climb into that huge bubbling tub.   It's tough, but I'll manage.


  1. Oh wow, nothing I'd love more than to soaked in a tub while watching some old movie. I'm sure you can't wait to finish that bathroom!

  2. The water stays nice and warm through the entire movie. Oh, yeah, I tried it;-}

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Glad I'm not the only one with royal blue carpeting!

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