Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bloggers Touch the World!

I am amazed by the places my blog has reached in the last few weeks.   I've had visitors from 47 48 49 all 50 (just waiting for New Hampshire Finally!) of the United States and quite a few countries.  I decided to make a thank-you using www.tagxedo.com.  You get to put in words--places in my case, and choose a shape for the words to fill.  Since the blog virtually reaches out to others, I chose the shape of a hand.

Consider this a big thanks for stopping by.  It has been so much fun to see that someone from  across the country or in Kuala Lumpur, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Oman, New Zealand,  Brazil has read my blog.  But, then,  it is just as much a kick to find that someone I don't know in Albany or Schenectady--cities practically in my backyard--is coming by, too.

Thanks for making life more interesting.  Now, go play on Tagxedo.   


  1. Really neat! I wish I could add a more exotic location to your list but NJ will have to do for now.

  2. I love that idea - what fun! Might put that on my 'to do at some point' list ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing your information Lee