Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is there a contest for the ugliest quilt ever??

I said I would post the good, bad, and ugly.  This quilt top comes under the ugly.  It's a bit of a long story to understand how this bit of ugly was born.  First, I bought some green chairs that I love.  Others look at them politely with a pained expression or just out-and-out ask what in hell I was thinking buying putrid green chairs.  I love these chairs.  They are extremely comfortable.  I'm sitting in one right now.  It turned out that they did not exactly go with the two shades of green wall paint, though.  Okay, here they are.  Don't try to adjust your screen.  This really is the color.

In an attempt to pull the room together, I started looking for quilt fabric with the colors of the chair and walls.  Each individual fabric was really nice.  Together, they are truly horrific.  I kept thinking that when it was all together, it would look good.  So, here it is:

Please excuse the faux fur bench.  It was an attempt at that touch of whimsy all the designers talk about.  Off topic--back to the ugly.  I honestly thought the browns in the bench, quilt, bed skirt and pillows would somehow pull together. 

This picture shows the greens in the quilt and the chairs.

See, the greens do at least match the chair.  Unfortunately this picture is deceptive.  When you are in the room, the quilt looks overwhelmingly brown with  garish flashes of blue and white from that one fabric.

I'm supposed to start the actual quilting.  The thoughts of spending that much time looking at it are scary.  Please, someone give me permission to put this in the closet until my eyesight fails.


  1. PLEASE put it in the closet. lol. Could you donate it somewhere?

  2. Thankfully, it is in the closet. I'd donate it, but it's just so ugly it seems mean. Even guys think it's ugly!

  3. The single fabrics are really beautiful, just the whole effect together is a little bit to much. But the choice of the single fabrics is great. I know it must hurt to open up seams but I would do it in your case. Would be sad if all this colours went into the closet just for nothing?

    The inner brown would be so gorgeous with red and orange and yellow for some autumn quilts...

    I just love the green bubbles! I have to have some of fabric like this! It is so fresh and with other light and intense green or even blue fabrics it could create something really modern and cool.

    Last but not least the colourful fabric in the middle... it has such a range of colours...! wow.

    The design and the fabrics itself are beautiful and I can understand that it was only at last that one looks at it and say: no, not what I imagined. Maybe the colours go a little bit to well with each other, maybe it is only a little bit either of contrast or of a more neutral colours which is missing.. mh... not sure.

    But please don't let this fabrics be stored forever :) I love beautiful fabrics! And quilts are originally all about using scraps, nay? ^^

  4. WOW that's ugly, LOL. There was a preview photo of this post on the new ironing board post I was just reading so I popped over for a peek, and just about fell off the couch! YIKES! Is it still in your closet? If so, you might consider finishing it and donating it - google "ugly quilts" or "My brothers keeper" - this could be finished to help keep a homeless person warm this winter - it would be a great way to give it some purpose (other than it's apparent purpose of being ugly, lol). At the very least, post an update post about it's current whereabouts, and what your bedroom looks like - now that I've seen this picture I want to know if anything has changed!!!

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