Sunday, November 1, 2015

Summer Projects 4-6 FINALLY Finished

Summer projects bled well into autumn, but here they are!

Laundry room:
Finished! (Except for the covers for the hampers and something to cover up that ugly plumbing thing on the far wall.)

Man Cave:
Finished! (Except for the pillows I need to sew and the television that needs to be put in and the pictures I need to put up and the mat for under the office chair.  Is anything ever really done???)  I did get the stairs finished.  They are painted with carpet stair treads rather than completely carpeted.

I won that battle when Brian found out it would cost $400 more to carpet the stairs. No, wait.  They are not completely finished.  I still need to put in a piece of molding on the top step.

Exercise Room:
Finished.  Okay, I also need to get mats for under the exercise equipment and move said equipment  downstairs, and hang pictures.  I'm never gonna finish this stuff am I.  Well, it's so much better than this:

and this:
Kiefer's mess
 and this:

I wanted to paint the wood paneling, but Brian did not.  We've waited so long he may be right anyway.  It should be coming back in style soon.
 and this:

Kyle's mess. 
Yup, it's looking so much better.  I was going to write that this week's goal would be to finish all the little things, but I know that won't be happening.  Realistic goals are finished pillows, mats for the exercise equipment and the office chair, some of the equipment downstairs, and maybe that piece of molding.  We shall see!


  1. Your own exercise room, how wonderful!!! I'm with Brian, I really like the wood panelling. The little things will get done all in good time. No point stressing over a deadline.

  2. 2 things immediately come to mind:
    1. I shouldn't really boast about completing a. zipper. bag.
    2. What I call "doing housework" isn't what YOU call "doing housework". Woman put that vacuum away - you're making the rest of us look like SLOTHS!

    Now - having got THOSE important notes out of the way, let me say ... WOW those rooms look great! Is it weird that my favourite part is those stair carpets? They're fantastic! I would need to hold the handrail that I think I see on the left so my a$$ wouldn't go sliding down them (which happens all the time with my carpeted stairs from the first floor to the second floor, LOL). And to answer your question ... no, you're never gonna finish that stuff - none of us EVER finish that stuff. It's a physical impossibility, as it's being undone at the very same time as it's being redone. It doesn't seem right that two conflicting "states" can occupy the same time, so there must be some kind of weird-a$$ time/space continuum going on in all of our houses, but that's the way it works!