Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Wine Tote

Everyone needs a bag for shopping in wine country.  I am so ready for the next trip.  This is made with some of the fabric purchased on our last trip to the Finger Lakes wine country.  Originally I was going to put pockets between the straps but didn't want to cover up any of the beautiful fabric.  Then I realized why I really couldn't put pockets on it. Wine has to breathe.
Needed a glass of wine to celebrate finishing the bag!  Usually things don't end
up hanging from the chandelier when I drink.
There are pockets on the inside, however, just large enough to keep bottles from tipping and clanking.

I had the worst time getting photos today--could NOT get the lighting to work.  You can see that the wine glass is starting to empty out.

After the fifth try to get the light right, I just gave up.  Rather than refill the empty glass (it was barely noon after all), I decided to fix the pics with Photoshop later.  

I didn't sew the handles all the way to the top so that I could fold it over if the mood struck.

I think I may have to try this out at the local store first.  I'll be the obnoxious one in line saying, "No, thank you, I don't need your crappy leftover box.  I have my own wine tote."  


  1. What awesome fabric and the pockets on the inside... perfect!!! Love your bag.

  2. You did not need good lighting to see how fabulous this bag is. The fabric, the style, the long handle - perfect. Makes me want a trip to wine country also.

  3. HAHA that's a great bag - and now you have the perfect excuse to go pick up half a dozen bottles of wine - just to test out the bag, of course!! ;)

  4. Oh Barb, it's awesome! Everyone needs a wine tote. I love that you can fold the handle down. Does it fit on your bike? Are you sure you didn't end up hanging from the chandelier??? LOL!

  5. The fabric is just awesome,so perfect! Love this Tote.

    Michelle :)