Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back in the Sewing Room!

My sewing muse, Sandra, is making work for me again.  After she made this sweet little earphone pouch, I decided to steal a little time from an overly busy schedule to make one, too. Then I realized--the night before a wedding--that I had no purse to go with my dress.  I hate when things don't match!  Frankly, if my underwear doesn't match, I feel uncomfortable all day.  Remembering the easy little Japanese Knot Bag  I made from this tutorial, I decided the free time would have to go to making a bag.  I forgot how easy these bags are to make.  This one went together together in a little over an hour from start to finish.

It went together so fast I even had time for that earphone--now lip gloss and Tylenol holder--pouch.
A matching set!

Perfect!  Here's a pic of me in the "dress in need of a bag" with my lovely husband.

A thank you to Sandra, the Sewing Muse for inspiring some very useful sewing.


  1. You two look fantastic! Miss and love you both!

    1. Thank you! We shall be stopping by your lovely restaurant to see you soon!

  2. I concur - you two are CUTE! I love that his tie matches your dress (and now - your bag and zippy, LOL!) - perfection! I've made bags similar to that knot bag - I can't remember what mine was called, but it was pretty cute :) It was a bit fiddly to get the lining of the strap done nicely, as I recall - there was some finagling involved!

    Now - what are you going to work on next, and how's your mom doing?

  3. I'm much more careful now about marking the point where you stop sewing on the top sides. That made putting the outside fabric and lining go together better. I also use smaller seams. The first time, I had a b**ch of a time turning the thing right-side out! Last, I don't hand sew the tops together. I turn one side under, put the other side in that part, and top sew. Not quite as pretty, but fine. I was thinking that putting some decoration--beads, flower, or such--on the short handle would look nice (and cover up any less than perfect sewing;-))

    I'm finishing off the two quilts I've been working on next--my son's which has to go to NYC on the 24th and the Garden Steps.

    My mom is in another nursing home that is clean and has an actual buzzer rather than a piece of string and a rope. Unfortunately it is also understaffed. That's really difficult for oldsters who need help getting to the bathroom at night. At one point, we accidentally found that the beautifully made up bed was soaking wet.

    Another day I found my mother listing over sideways asleep in a wheelchair at a dining room table. I was told she had been getting up herself which was a liability. The "liabilities" are left in the dining room for the day with one person watching them. No activities are provided. Most, like my mother, weren't even facing the tiny television way up on the wall. She would have been there from 10:30 until after dinner which would be 5:30 at the earliest or as late as 7:00. Now either my sister or I get there every day to make sure that's not happening. It is wearing me out! Nursing homes are not those quaint little places shown on television.