Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do Your Kids Ever Amaze You?

Each of my kids has done things that have left me wondering how on earth this bright, creative, inspiring being came from me.  With my son Kyle, it is often his writing.  I know I said I would not post until my jacket was finished, but I have to share my son's short piece of poetry that author Claudia Ricci put up on her blog here.

Kyle sometimes shows me his work and sometimes not.  This is one I had not seen before.   It's the kind of writing that makes you stop and think about how you respond in certain situations, how you feel when you are in those situations.  I don't think I will ever look at a dropped glove the same again.   Stop and take a look.  If you, too, can empathize, feel free to leave him a comment!
Sadly this is the ONLY picture I could find of Kyle where he wasn't posing in some outrageous way.
Now back to that jacket.


  1. As a former HS English teacher and lover of poetry, I just had to click on Kyle's poem. I'm so glad I did! It's amazing...beautifully written and full of symbolism and imagery .You must be so proud of him! And I see that he went to Bates...I live not far from there in Southern's a wonderful school. Sometimes our children really do amaze us, don't they?
    Love your blog,
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage