Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You CAN Blog While Camping!!!

As I sat here at the campground picnic table, the hubster suggested I look to see if there was any internet available.  Crazy man--we are in the middle of nowhere!  My phone keeps searching for service.  I looked, though,  and there it was--a connection.  Yeah, I probably shouldn't use that motel's internet, but come on!  It's just too inviting.

Greetings from Lake George!  This area in the Adirondack Park was hit harder than our area down south near Albany.  All the State campgrounds were evacuated on Saturday which turned out to be a good thing.  Most of the State campgrounds have too much damage to open yet with trees and lines down. None of the area had electricity until late in the afternoon.  Only a few places with generators were open for business.

Our campsite was closed when we arrived, but we held out til the electric came back on at 5:30.  We spent the day watching crews clean up the damage by the lake and driving around the area.  One of the major roads had collapsed on one side from flooding water washing out the ground under it.  I hope no one was on that in the dark.

The village workers were amazing.  You would hardly know that anything had happened by Tuesday.

I even found this lovely little Monarch butterfly in the village.   Look close--it's in the middle.

 Off for the biking portion of this venture.  Hope your day is gonna be as nice as mine.  Blogging at a campsite!  Perfection!


  1. You know you're an internet addict if... :)

  2. Yeah, I guess I will have to admit it. It is an addiction, but not really bad one! No weight gain or cancer! I only have to worry about getting arrested for theft. My ideal retirement has become traveling around the country, camping out, and stealing everyone's internet connections. When I get arrested, I'll hopefully be able to blog about it from jail. I'll steal their connection.