Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sewing Room Closet Door Decals

When  I decided to paint the closet doors in the sewing room white to match the trim, I wasn't prepared for the rather massive expanse of white I ended up with.  It looked a bit like a giant movie screen as you can see here.

Since I've been wanting to try vinyl wall decals, I thought I'd get some for the doors.  Here's the result.
I love it!

This was my first experience with wall decals.  I was a wreck when I unfurled the whole thing.  It looked daunting!  I feared that I was in over my head and would ruin it.  The actual process turned out to be easy.  The only downside was that all the leaves had to be put up individually.  Still,  I managed to finish it in four hours without any assistance.   I'm looking forward to trying a few more of these--without the individual leaves, though.


  1. I think it looks fantastic, makes me wish I had a big expanse of wall to try a decal I've had my eyes on.

  2. I love it. such a simple and beautiful idea.

  3. Wow! Good choice of decal pattern. Love it! Instead of a plain closet door, now you have a view of greens! Clever and well done!

  4. Yeah, I love it. I have a groupon for some decals and I've been pondering and pondering in which direction to go. Foremost is a horizontal branch with birdies on it. This would mask a bad joint in the drywall in my dining/relaxing room. I need to decide soon.

  5. It looked daunting! I feared that I was in over my head and would ruin it. The actual process turned out to be easy.