Saturday, December 18, 2010

What non-bakers do for sweet holiday treats

I love these marshmallow lollipops covered in chocolate and sprinkly things.  Plunk marshmallows on lollipop sticks from Joann's, melt a bag of Nestle's chocolate bits, pour some sprinkles into a bowl, and have at it. 

I had an piece of packing Styrofoam that I poked holes into to hold the pops til they hardened.  I had to use a skewer for that cuz the lollipop sticks don't have a pointy enough end.

The plastic covers, also from Joann's, went on after the chocolate hardened.  I bought the covers last year for diabetic cookies I made for my father-in-law.  He was the ONLY person for whom I would bake cookies.  He died last month, and we will all miss him.  Frankly though, he had been so sad after losing my mother-in-law the previous year, that I feel at peace with it.  I hope they are together again in some realm and drinking the beer that Ed loved but couldn't have because of the damned diabetes.  Diabetes sucks.  Homemade marshmallow lollipops do not.


  1. Who needs baking skills when you have the creativity to make lovely goodies like that? Perfect for the holidays!

  2. So cute and simple! Thanks for your comment on my blog--those are some bad trees, aren't they?

  3. Yummy! I love marshmallows, and chocolate, so these sound scrumptious!
    We (jamie and I) just made some ritz candy, a batch of fudge and my first of 3 batches of home made bread! Kitchen smells delicious!
    Merry Christmas!