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Thursday, April 10, 2014

So, what did you think of Vegas?

It's exhausting!  If you like to walk or need to, this is the place.  Yes, I am going to bore you with my vacation photos because Vegas can be beautiful,

albeit a bit ostentatious.

Of course, it also does gaudy really well, too.  

Even the buildings are giant screens for advertising.  Can't really complain about it because they are freaking mesmerizing.
The Aria sign is actually a giant screen continuously showing crystal clear, colorful videos. Who cares if it's advertising.  I was awestruck.  I want it.  Yeah, that is crazy.  Vegas does that to you.

Las Vegas can also be weird.  I have no idea why this wall of body parts exists.  I just could not bring myself to say, "Hey, what's this wall of boobs and butts about?"

Where else will you see local workers out to lunch in these outfits? I'm assuming the third member of the group went to the ladies' room.  Balancing that hat in the bathroom stall would be a bit of a hassle I imagine.

There is more to the area than the strip, though.  I LOVED the Red Rock Canyon area.  It's a photographer's dream.  I half expected to see cowboys come riding around the bend at any moment. 

The pic below does not do the massive wall of rock justice.  To get an idea of how big it is, the photo following it shows the two guys that were climbing it when I took the shot.  I didn't even know they were there. I heard them before I saw them and zoomed in for another photo. So look at the pic below where the red and white rocks meet, kind of near the center.  Then look at the one following it to see the close-up of the two climbers.

While the natural flowers may not be abundant or large, they are exquisite.  I have no idea what these are called.  Should I get energetic later, I'll look it up and update this.  According to someone on Google Images, this is a Scarlet Globemallow plant in bud!

Hoover Dam is also close by and interesting.

I find it to be beautiful in an industrial, desolate kinda way.  This is what you see in one direction,

and this is on the other side.

 I know lots of people don't care for the desert landscape, but I find it to be magnificent.

Lake Mead, the result of damming up the Colorado River is beautiful, too.  This is just a small piece of it called Boulder Basin. 

One last thing--a photo of a towel I found in Nordstrom's.  I am definitely going to steal this quote to embroider on something.
Ain't THAT the truth!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Confession: I Am a Potter Head

For our last day in Florida, we went to:
The lovely Mr. Easton posing before the Universal Studio globe.
Universal Studio's theme park.  Mostly because I wanted to see:

I am somewhat addicted.  I reread the books and/or watch the movies almost yearly.  I really, really wanted to taste:

Butterbeer!   I had two.  The resulting sugar high is probably why I'm still up at one in the morning blogging.  I know it's just cream soda with some creamy flavored foam on top, but it is so good.

The castle ride has to be the most awesome one in the park, and you get to see all kinds of cool stuff while moving through the ride line including the sorting hat,

 and walls of talking pictures.

The best part of the ride was flying over the quidditch field.  Never thought I'd get to do that. Flying down toward the lake was a close second.  It was so like the scene in one of the movies.   You honestly feel as though you are flying.  I actually moved my leg at one point 'cuz I thought it was going to hit something!  I dragged my husband on this ride twice.

Olivander's wand shop proved too tempting.  I am now the proud owner of what they tell me is an exact replica of Professor McGonagall's wand.
Too bad it's not real.  It would be so nice if it would do all my laundry when I get home.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hair Clips for Ipod and Other Techie Wires

Traveling with my computer, two Kindles, an Ipod, and two cell phones means a lot of cords. I've been using this method to keep things from tangling for a while now.  It has worked particularly well while traveling.

Nice and neat.  Headphones, charging cords, and simple hair clips.  The clips work great.  They won't damage the cords, but firmly hold everything in place.  When you are using the cords, just leave the clip around the cord.   Give it a try.

I'm still enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.  Thought you might enjoy a few pics.
The sun setting on our first night
This White Ibis and I were hunting together.  I was so busy looking for
shells that I was next to this guy before I even realized it
Great Blue Heron.   He sat on the dock
oblivious to the passersby.
Gopher tortoise!  
Is this guy not the coolest?  He was just hangin'
out on the side of a building.  I think it is an  Black Anole.
Amazing how close you can get to the birds!  I think this is a
Snowy Egret.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You CAN Blog While Camping!!!

As I sat here at the campground picnic table, the hubster suggested I look to see if there was any internet available.  Crazy man--we are in the middle of nowhere!  My phone keeps searching for service.  I looked, though,  and there it was--a connection.  Yeah, I probably shouldn't use that motel's internet, but come on!  It's just too inviting.

Greetings from Lake George!  This area in the Adirondack Park was hit harder than our area down south near Albany.  All the State campgrounds were evacuated on Saturday which turned out to be a good thing.  Most of the State campgrounds have too much damage to open yet with trees and lines down. None of the area had electricity until late in the afternoon.  Only a few places with generators were open for business.

Our campsite was closed when we arrived, but we held out til the electric came back on at 5:30.  We spent the day watching crews clean up the damage by the lake and driving around the area.  One of the major roads had collapsed on one side from flooding water washing out the ground under it.  I hope no one was on that in the dark.

The village workers were amazing.  You would hardly know that anything had happened by Tuesday.

I even found this lovely little Monarch butterfly in the village.   Look close--it's in the middle.

 Off for the biking portion of this venture.  Hope your day is gonna be as nice as mine.  Blogging at a campsite!  Perfection!