Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wondering How to Paint the House?

Just in case someone looking for ideas for the outside of the house, I thought I'd share this one from Venice Beach in California.

Here's a closer look for those who need more inspiration.  I am particularly taken with the little creatures holding umbrellas with their trunks.  The multi-legged "eye" creatures are a very close second, though. 

Love that there is a color-coordinated one way sign in front!  This is definitely one way to do house painting.

My house has vinyl siding, but my shed is painted.  I think I might have to get a little artsy this summer.


  1. HAHA that's adorable - I would do that, but hubby wouldn't - not in a million years! He's a bit of a stick in the mud :D

  2. Ooh!The house looks adorable.It seems a good idea of the painting.However,it's a bit weird but not bad actually.Well,the blog was good and keep it up.