Saturday, February 13, 2016

Perfect Weather for Making A Scarf

I'm in a scarf-making mood today. That may be the result of our temperatures.  This is the information for our area from

Clifton Park, New York Weather
Observed at 3:45 pm EST
Wind Chill Warning Until 1:00 pm EST, Sunday February 14
Feels Like -20°F 

 On the bright side, I now have this:

The inspiration came from this knitted scarf on Pinterest.  I dearly hate it when the ends of my scarves are continually falling forward.  No matter what method of wrapping them around I use, the damned things don't stay in place.  I like the idea here in the knitted one, but I don't knit.

try to create a sewing pattern:

My few forays into knitting were neither fun nor pretty.  I chose to attempt a sewn version.  I was a bit obsessed with getting the ends to look something like the knitted version which proved to be the hardest part for me.  In retrospect, simple rounded or squared ends would have been fine.

The rest of the project was quick and easy.  It's two long strips of flannel sewn leaving a couples of inches open for turning right-side out. The width was chosen from a scarf I own that I like.  I chose the length by wrapping it around and deciding where I wanted it to end on each side.  I also used this same method for deciding where I wanted to put the band that would serve as a fastener.

The yo-yo is on top of the band of fabric you pull other side of the scarf through.

I free-handed a piece for the PITA end, folded in half
 And voila!

If you have any artistic talent, coming up with a fancy shape for the end will be a cinch.  This took  me forever and was not worth the simple shape I ended up doing.  Next time, I'll trace something round and be done with it.  

To keep the bottom piece from lying flat (which did not look good), I made a pleat that is held in place by the yo-yo band.

You can see that in the photo below.  Both edges of the band catch the pleat to hold it in place.

And it matches my headband from a week or two ago!

I do love it when a sewing experiment goes well. 


  1. Oh my that is a MIGHTY FINE set to ensure warm neckage in this dreadful cold (current temp, with windchill, is -23 feeling -32 (C) - it is bitter out there! Hubby and I went out for diner and a movie and even though the 2 locations were MAYBE a block apart, we drove to each - it was too cold to walk. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR! And Hail, Caesar was a dud - we almost left 2/3 of the way through, lol. Anyways - back to the important stuff - I think you did a great job designing that scarf - the ends and yoyoy are just right, 0and the "closure" is very innovative. You did GOOD!

  2. You'll need every bit of warmth you can find, with weather like that. Heard on the news it's even colder now. I'm forever draping my scarves and getting the ends dirty. A great scarf!