Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clover Wonder Clips vs. The Other Brand

I love my Clover wonder clips, but they are so expensive.  I decided to take a chance on the off brand and ordered a package of a hundred Urbest clips by iauto from Amazon for $9.99.  The lowest price for the same number of Clover brand clips would have  been $25.

No plastic box with Urbest Wonder Clips, but I never liked the box anyway. 
 Both sets are exactly the same size.

The plastic parts seem to be identical in shape, thickness, and quality. There is a difference in the metal piece in that the Urbest brand seems a little stiffer.  I think that translates to a need for slightly more pressure to open the clip.  If you really have a problem with your hands, they might not be a good buy for you. For me, this is not a problem at all.  The difference between opening the different clips is minimal. 

Both brands hold onto fabric well and open sufficiently to get around the number of layers needed for quilting and binding.  Since some reviewers said there were broken clips in their packs, I tested every single clip.  One of the clips was off kilter making it unusable.  The rest were fine.  For a savings of $15, I am glad I went with the cheaper brand. 

I like my new storage container, too. 


  1. Good to know that the less expensive clips are just as good as the originals - lots of time the "no name" version IS pretty much the same :) Lots of notiony things from quilt stores have hardware store versions that are 1/4 - 1/2 the cost - that's just rude, lol! Nice storage jar - I use those as well :) You don't have much of a ribbon supply though --- just sayin!! ;)

  2. Very handy to know the cheaper clips are just as good. Let us know over time if they wear just as well. They probably do.

  3. LOL, got my clips, 50 @ 4.99 with free ship via eBay. Yes, very sturdy clips and I bet all suppliers are in China.
    Mine are stored in a glass jam jar :-)

  4. Nowadays, clips are super expensive. I would rather use lottery affirmations to hit the jackpot.