Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back to the Summer Projects List: #3 Empty Nest Bedroom to Office

The empty nest has some good points.  A few years ago a deserted bedroom became my yoga and meditation room, and now the newest empty bedroom is my office.

At this particular point in the process, however,
Under the plastic is the old desk that is about to get a make-over.
I would have been visiting my drug dealer if I had one.  FIVE coats of paint.  I thought I had bought Pratt and Lambert paint which I wanted to try.  Somehow I ended up with Benjamin Moore. I've never used it before and never will again.  Three coats of paint is the most I've ever done with any other paint.  The third coat is, more often than not, just to be sure I haven't missed anything.  In the end, though, I won the paint battle!  I have an office.

  It also has a nice sitting area for hand sewing or reading.
The desk is a crappy old desk left behind by the youngest child that got a paint job (NOT Benjamin Moore) and new hardware.

I put a piece of glass on the desk with black and white photos of the kids taken by my sister back when they were sweet and loving and listened to me without rolling their eyes. 

Kiefer says Keegan looks as though she's trying out for Nirvana.

Brian put in the new ceiling fan and light.  I don't care what the people at HGTV say, ceiling fans are not ugly!

I've already started project 4--the laundry room.  I'm at the wallpaper removal stage. In additional to the usual problems with wallpaper removal, this room turns out to have two layers of wallpaper.  It could be worse I guess.  I've heard that some people actually paint over wallpaper.  I cannot even begin to imagine how nasty it would be to get painted wallpaper off.   As it is, I sometimes dream of hunting down the former owners to verbally pummel them for some of their half-assed home improvements.

Twelve room down--five to go!


  1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone - I think we painted over wallpaper in the MBR of the first house we bought when we were getting it ready to sell it - decades ago :D

    I wouldn't be without our ceiling fans - we have them in the living room, the family room and all of the bedrooms! Poo on anyone who says they're ugly - the new ones are gorgeous, and it's more economical to run a ceiling fan than an a/c !

    5 coats of paint???!?! I would have been borderline psychotic if I got 3 coats done and realized I wasn't finished - were you painting over solid black ... or pink glittersparkles ... or purple checkerboards with flecks of cement and fluourescent green?!

  2. Sandra! Paint on wallpaper? I'd be afraid it would start buckling and make a big mess. So, do tell. How did it work out? Btw, I was covering a medium blue. I was beginning to think I would have to bite the bullet and start again with another brand of paint.

  3. I'd be totally beside myself having to do five coats of paint. I HATE painting!!! LOVE what you've done with the desk.