Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Birdseed Bag to Grocery Bag

I noticed that the birdseed I buy comes in bags made of a fabric similar to what Joann's sells as shopping bag fabric in its utility fabric section.  Yup, I did try turning one of those seed bags into a shopping bag. The seed bags are colorful and have a plastic coating that makes them even sturdier than the Joann's fabric while still being easy to sew through. 
The seed is from The Tractor Store.

I washed off the bag, cut it down a bit to be the size of a regular grocery bag, sewed up the bottom edge, boxed the bottom corners at three inches, turned down the top edge (just once cuz it doesn't unravel), added webbing handles, and fifteen minutes later I had a very nice shopping bag.
So there it is!  It's stiff enough to stand on its own for loading groceries which will hopefully make the store clerks happier.  It also folds up nicely for toting around

Those birds are gonna have to eat faster so I can make a few more.


  1. ARGH sometimes I hate blogger - I had a comment typed, it said "Posting" (or whatever it is that indicates posting), then POOF - it disappeared!


    That is such a cool design for a birdfeed bag, and it makes a great tote - I bet people are going to stop you on the street to talk to you about it - I would!

  2. CLEVER, CLEVER idea!!! What a fun, colourful bag to take shopping. And it looks easy to make thanks to no fraying. Our birdseed comes in ordinary plastic bags, but I'll be on the lookout for something like this. Pinning.

  3. I love this bag Baye! It's such a pretty bag and would be a shame to go to waste! Brilliant idea to make it into a reusable grocery bag!

  4. Hi, found you via the Threading My Way linky party.I love your bag, such a wonderful image it would have been such a shame to throw it away.