Monday, May 25, 2015

I did like cruisin' with Norwegian in the Carribean

Finally got my Photoshop Elements to work well enough to get photos for blogging, so I thought I'd share a few of the fun or unusual thing we loved on this trip aboard the Gem.
Best place in my not so humble opinion:  The Baths at Virgin Gorda. You can go though a massive collection of toppled boulders to get to a fantastic beach area.

There are some slippery areas and a few places that are a bit tight or require care when traversing, but it's not difficult to get through.

You do have to walk though some water, but this is as deep as it gets

Almost to the beach!

We made it!

I collect rocks from places I visit, but these had to stay.
Now for some of the unusual.  This family strolled onto the beach while we were there.

I'm pretty sure Mom was telling her chick to just ignore the rude tourists snapping photos here.

I'm also pretty sure that was not their blanket, but what do I know about chickens!

The islands seem to have a thing for letting their chickens roam freely.
Just hanging by the side of the road.
 Then there were the feral cats at Puerto Rico--not so many that it's annoying, but they were plentiful.

One blue eye and one green!  How cool is that!

Nothing wrong with him.  He was just stretching after a nap.
Iguanas!  I love them.  I wish we had them here.  Maybe I should move there. Yeah, I wanna live here, too.

Last, my favorite place and activity on the ship:
Sun, sea, comfy lounge chair, and my Kindle.  Perfect.
It's only been a month, and I'm ready for another cruise.


  1. Well - first of all, I think that WAS the chickens' blanket, so you're just being a fusspot, and quite frankly, I think you're racist against chickens! I find that very SAD! :( <--- very sad face! :( :(

    From what I know of you since we started chatting, I think you probably DID bring home some of those rocks - you probably threw out Brian's clothes on the way home and tucked the rocks inside your steamer trunk (the one you brought JUST to hide the rocks that you stole). For shame!

    I would have had a hard time leaving the kitties there (I'm glad you said that the last one was just stretching - at first glance I thought he was quite handicapped!), and I may have grabbed a chicken or two (and possibly an iguana) as well - lol!

    It looks like you had a good time - would you do the cruise again ... or would you pick a different one? I'm a creature of habit - when I find something I ilke I tend to do it over and over so I don't have to deal with disappointment ... but then I don't get the fun of stumbling on something new and fun!

  2. I would do this cruise again! Brian, however, always wants to try something else. If I find this cruise at a good price, I will definitely be pushing for another visit and on Norwegian. We loved our Carnival cruise last time, but this one kind of kicked up the entertainment a notch. In a perfect world, I'd take at least two cruises a year. Yeah, never gonna happen, but one can dream!

  3. Awesome photos, especially the one of the glimpse of the beach through the rocks. Would love to visit that beach!!! Great to see a pic of you, too. I've never seen an iguana up close and personal. Looks rather scary, but I'm guessing they're not.

  4. Iguanas are too busy enjoying the sun to even take notice of people. I got such a kick out of their "fringe" on the back. It looks like someone sewed on some old, crappy leather.