Sunday, May 24, 2015

And Another Graduation!

Yes, I am going to bore you with photos of my son Kyle's graduation with a master of divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

Precommencement picnic at Riverside Park.  That would be me, Jordan, Kiefer, Kyle, Brian, and Keegan with my sister taking the photo.

Kyle ready for his big day. Good to be a sewer who carries a needle and thread to fix that broken snap on the collar.
Union is as old as dirt apparently, 177th commencement!

Graduation was in a beautiful courtyard.

Kyle's room is in the center overlooking the courtyard.  Oh, how these students suffer living in a beautiful building in one of the most beautiful areas of NYC.

It's real when the diploma is in hand.

Back up again for the Julius Thomas Hansen Memorial Award.  They aren't told beforehand that they've won which makes it a fun surprise.

Al Gore won an award, too, but it pales in comparison to Kyle's for some reason...

Oh, yeah!  Now that is a real Kyle smile.

Future father-in-law Rick was able to come.  (Melissa, hope you get online to see this.  We will soon be welcoming you home from Mongolia for a nice vacation.

End of the day view taken as we were heading home.  I wanna live here.

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  1. Oh jeez I feel so bad for the poor lad, having to live in such dreary conditions - how DID he manage to stand it? And heavens (pun not intended - hopefully I don't get smoted!) such an OLD place and program - it must have been agonizing to be surrounded by such history! SO SO SAD! :D

    Congratulations mom and Kyle and family - isn't it wonderful when one of our birdies graduates? I wasn't even allowed to go to the "graduation ceremony" when our boys finished their apprenticeships - I did ask, but both boys looked horrified at the very thought of me showing up at the College of Trades ... LOL!!!