Saturday, May 23, 2015

Agnes' Baby Quilt

Wanted to share a quilt I made for my son Kyle's goddaughter, Agnes.

The basic design is a combination of two ideas I saw online. I made a few changes, of course.  My over-sized pinwheel has soft interfacing to give the pieces body which helped with the name embroidery, too.   Look at those fun flaps!

The center circle has a quote from Shakespeare:  "Though she be but little, she is fierce."  Why?  Because I like the idea of raising daughters to be independent and fierce.

 I found "Agnes" ribbon on eBay--what??? Can you believe that?  What are the chances of finding that name on anything?

 Rather than wrap the quilt, I just tied on the ribbon.

Best part:  I actually got photos of the lovely lady on her quilt.  With all the baby stuff I've made over the years, this is the first time someone has sent a photo of the item in use.  Here's the lovely little lady sitting on her new blanket.

Love those little fingers and toes.


  1. Mix equal parts of cute + fierce ... the result is Miss Agnes! Is it wrong that I want to tickle those little feet and pinch those chubby (delicious) cheeks? She looks particularly fetching on ... Grand-godmother (?!) 's adorable quilt!

  2. The pinwheel flaps are a fantastic idea!!! An absolutely adorable quilt. Agnes' parents must be thrilled with it. Perfect way to wrap the quilt with Agnes ribbon, too.