Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wintering in New York

Winter is trying to imprison me.  Can you believe these icicles growing down over my windows?

At least they are attractive bars.  Here's how I'm coping with our snowy, exceptionally cold weather.

I'm rereading an old favorite book in front of the fire
while my candle reminds me of better weather to come.
I have a perfect view of all my bird feeders from the loveseat.  Those big blue vinyl circles on the windows are supposed to keep the birds from banging into the glass by the way.  Do they work?  Well, I guess there are fewer thumps than before putting them up.
Not many here because I scared them off while settling in for a morning read.

These big, bold jays have no trouble squeezing on those tiny perches of the feeders meant for the small birds
while these tiny finches (gold finches in dull winter plumage) all sit civilly on the large perch meant for the big birds.
I never said they were smart.  They fly into windows all the time after all.

This part might be the best, snacking on the muffins I made as a Valentine's Day treat for my stud muffin.
Best muffins ever!  I used the upside down banana bread recipe that has been popping up on Pinterest with a little tweaking for muffins because the bread turned out so well last week.   I may learn to like winter yet.


  1. OH MY GOD as I was scrolling down my blog reader page, I thought that first picture was birch trees!!! We went out for dinner tonight - we couldn't find the restaurant and were wandering around the parking lot IN THE COLD because hubby told me not to bother calling DS1 (who was already at the restaurant) to ask where to go. Then when we about lost our fingertips, he acted as if I should have called (even though he told me not to). After dinner, while scurrying to our cars, I turned down an opportunity to invite DS1 and girlfriend over to our house, because it was so damn cold out I couldn't bear the thought of the - what - 30 second conversation that would have ensued? IT IS FREAKING COLD!

  2. BTW - scooch over - I'm coming over with my 50 Shades of Grey book - fireplace sharesies!! :D

  3. Oh I so miss the long icicles of my Montana and Chicago winters! They're a little dangerous though. Looks like you've found a delightful way to settle in for winter weather. Now I'm off to check out that book.

  4. Plenty of sun and sand over here... LOL!!! Unreal photos and hard for me to imagine that much ice and snow. Looks lovely from where I'm sitting next to the air conditioner keeping me cool.

  5. Oh wow! I am loving this, especially the icicles. And that gorgeous stove. Would love to have a muffin with you and watch the birds