Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ribbon Belts

In wandering about the internet looking for ways to use of the massive amount of ribbon I have purchased, I found this link for webbing belts with ribbon sewn on top.  They used military buckles which are nice but more expensive than my d-rings and square rings. 

They also put on belt tips. Love the look, and I have some on order.  However, I used nylon webbing and just singed the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.  In fact I singed the edges of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying as well.  The site suggests sewing close zig-zag stitching if you don't use belt tips, but the one store-bought cotton webbing belt I have like this just has the end folded over and sewn.. 

For one of mine, I put ribbon on top of ribbon to get the look I wanted. Love it!

Whether using a tip or not, you can start the ribbon on the reverse side by a few inches like this:

so that you will have the same ribbon showing when you have the belt "buckled" as you can see below.

I started this project with the idea of just using d-ring and only used the square ones on the black belt because I didn't have any black d-rings.  I found I kind of like the square rings better because of the straight line it gives rather than the slightly scrunched effect of the d-rings.

These would make great kid's gifts for both boys and girls.  With girls you get to make some fancy hair bows to match.   Did I say I had too much ribbon?  What was I thinking!  I may not have enough. 


  1. I don't think you have enough ribbon -- I know "I" don't have enough - we need to find a place that sells ribbon for a good price!!! :D

    Those belts are SERIOUSLY adorable - ribbon on top of webbing is *awesome*. I really like the look of the military buckle/tip ends, but since most of my goodies are donated, I'm not willing to pay much extra for them (compared to D-rings). The site that the tutorial links to for the hardware, is no longer working, but I'll probably do some investigating just for the halibut :D I like the look of the square D-rings! I'll need you to send me the webbing link - I forgot to ask you for it during our conversations this morning :D We may end up being "competitors" indeed, LOLOL! ;)

  2. You made cute belts (one with hearts) and didn't once refer to Valentine's Day???? I think just having a new sewing machine makes me smarter because I actually understood what you said about turning the ribbon under. Made perfect sense to me. I'm not sure I should have any form of fire around my sewing machine until I get to know her better. Your belts are darling.