Sunday, February 1, 2015

Partial Credit

Brian says I only get partial credit for my attempt at Valentine's Day decorating because I reused the Christmas snowman.  What???? I thought it was genius.  It's artistic recycling.  
 This puts a real damper on my idea of turning those hearts into shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. 


  1. Full credit for thinking outside the square and cutting down on time. I'd be re-using those hearts!!!

  2. Poor sad Kanye snowman - he wants to be Valentinely festive, but Brian is being Grinchy. I think you should order some ribbon to lift his spirits! (Speaking of which - I didn't buy any today. Hopefully it's the reversal of what was fast becoming a trend ... hehehe!)

  3. Pfffffft! What does Brian know? You get full credit for repurposing that snowman! Now go ahead and use those hearts for shamrocks...but I think a leprechaun is in order...can you turn that snowman into one? LOL!