Friday, June 13, 2014

I Have Blue Balls

Why?  What were you expecting?

So, about this batch of bath bombs---see those little crumbles?  That's because my first one fell apart!  All and I mean ALL tutorials on bath bombs say not to make them when the humidity is high.  So, of course, that meant I would go right ahead and make some during our third day of near 24 hour rain.  Yes, I will have to agree with everyone. Humidity does mess up the process.  I just do not understand why, though.  I would think it would be even better what with the air helping supply some of the liquid part.  In any case, I squeezed those little blue balls into submission.

(Sandra, about that double dog dare, I may have no class, but I believe I have won this dare twice over ;- }


  1. Sorry, but we both know that squeezing blue balls will only lead to ... well ... crumbling. It's just a fact of life. Better luck next time with your balls!!! :)

    Double dog dare challenge MET (and exceeded :D)!

  2. Big surprise that you could not pass up a double dog dare! LOL!!!! Your blue balls are gorgeous and match my new bathroom perfectly! Hope you get some sunshine soon.