Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sometimes It's Good to Leave Holes in the Wall

You know those openings that remain behind when someone puts an addition on a wall of the house with windows?  Danni of the Silo Hill Farm blog has one that she does not like--not at all.  I think she has mentioned that fact in at least two blog posts now, and I suspect that we will eventually see a post on how she filled in that hole. I get why Danni doesn't like her hole in the wall because hers is quite low behind the sink. You can go look at it here. (And check out all her other crafty/reno posts, too.  They are great.)

I, on the other hand, I love my left-behind holes in the wall! I thought I'd show what the previous owner of our house did with them.

Window from the sun room

and from the kitchen
Yup, he left the windows right in there--all four of them. Two are in the kitchen and two in the dining room, and that works great for me.  They provide ventilation, but can be closed off if I want to keep the noise down or create some privacy in the sun room.

The thing I like most is that the previous owner created some interesting shelves that can easily be removed if you want to close the windows. See that shelf on there?  It's that nice thick oak wood. It has pieces on the underside that hold it nicely in place.  Here's one out of the window so that you can see both sides.



side view of the wood pieces that hold it in place in the window
I've always been fascinated by the cutting he did to go around side pieces of the window.

The great thing about the shelves is that they provide additional room for things that might otherwise take up counter space.  One shelf has the television and the other holds my paper towel stand and a bowl of fruit.  Sometimes it is a good idea to leave holes in the wall.


  1. I think "like" or "dislike ha" depends on where it is, and the individual that's generally going to be on one side of it, in full view of people on the other side, lol. I have a window behind my kitchen sink but it faces into my back yard - that's OK. One that faces into another room, so people could see me wiping my sweaty brow as I plow through that dang pile of pots and pants and dishes (too big or too much for the dishwasher) after T-giving dinner - NOT SO MUCH!

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm that should be "dislike", not "dislike ha", LOL. Sandra must learn to preview!

  3. Oh I'm glad to see your windows! I like yours better than mine!! That is some interesting and challenging carpentry on that shelf and I love that it's removable. Now I kind of wished they had left the window there in mine. LOL. I'm still working on a solution to make me like mine a little better. Thanks for the pics and the shout-out! I'll be back to blogging and crafting soon!