Thursday, May 8, 2014

In-the-Hoop Stuffies

I am always afraid to try new things.  I really should have named my blog "The Cowardly Crafter." I must be growing up, though, cuz I've been trying new things left and right here such as these in-the-hoop stuffies.  Making in-the-hoop designs, much like using the Silhouette, turned out to be freakin' easy. 
I will look up the designer if you want, but you are gonna have to ask.
I also could also have named my blog The Lazy Crafter for obvious reasons.
I do like them.  They are cute and easy to make on the embroidery machine.  Each takes six minutes of machine time with a few more minutes for the thread changes, doing the ribbon stuff, and sewing up the opening after turning them right-side out.  I did not follow ALL the directions. My ribbons are whatever length looked good to me.  There is a matching applique that I may put on a baby blanket if I get ambitious.
White one is flannel.  Pink is felt.
I like the felt better.  Will try a fleece one soon.
Right now, however, I feel I've overdosed on cuteness.  Is it strange that I prefer Shaz's walking dead sock creatures?

I can make sock creatures, but Shaz takes sock creatures to the art level.  She does lots of different kinds and they are usually cute, adorable little masterpieces.  These, however, are my favorite.  I bought three from her to give as gifts.  I stole this one back from my son's room and put it on my bookshelf.  Don't judge me.  There aren't any in her Folksy shop, OddSox, right now.  I can't imagine why. Okay, maybe it is just me, but if you do happen to share my predilection for the odd, you could go to her shop and ask her to make one.  (No, I'm not making any money off this, no freebies. Just trying to help other people find treasures.)

How's this for contrast.

Hello?  Do I have any readers left?  Should I have stopped with the bunnies?


  1. Hehehehehehehe the bunnies are TRES adorable :) I do have to admit that I like the buns better, but that's probably because I'm in "when ARE they going to give me grandchildren??!!" mode, and my mind tends to go to baby goodies :) I'll be the Cowardly Canadian Crafter - I don't know why I, too, am scared to try new things - it's not as if I don't have a mile-high pile of fabric and a computer full of patterns! Very odd!

  2. I know! I have fabric up the wazoo, tons of patterns I haven't touched yet, and every device known to crafters to make the job easier. Still, I procrastinate.