Monday, March 17, 2014

Our First Charity Run!

My daughter Keegan asked me to join her doing the 26th Annual Shamrock Run in Kingston.  I've avoided those kinds of things in the past.  I run for exercise rather than pleasure and prefer just giving the money for these kinds of charity functions.  However, we do things for our kid that we'd never do ourselves.  I'm happy to say we both loved it and are looking forward to doing more.

I've always wondered how one runs in crowds.  Now I know that you can work your way around all those strollers, kids, dogs, walkers, miniature floats in kids' wagons, and the occasional pothole quite easily.

The weather was sunny, in the low thirties with a bit of a wind--great for running, but not for standing outside for an hour waiting in running clothes.  While we were shivering, Brian was sitting in front of the fireplace at a Panera's restaurant with hot coffee and his Kindle Fire.    Okay, he's got a bad ankle and can't run.  Did he have to mention the fireplace?  He redeemed himself by being at the finish line screaming encouragement as we passed by.  Now that was unexpected.  I will have to shamefully admit that I would have stayed at Panera's.


  1. I'd be one of those walkers that you'd have to navigate around... LOL!!! It's funny how, no matter the age of our kids, they can still get us to do things we'd rather not do and sometimes it's good for us... in my case anyway.

  2. Congrats to both of you on doing the run! Pam would be a walker - I would have been a sitter with Brian @ Panera, LOL!

  3. You guys look great! What a fun thing to do with your child. I might be more inclined to run away from mine! LOL! Good for Brian for leaving the fire and cheering you both at the finish line! (No blurry running photo of you in your new hat?)