Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Is It With Bra Fitting Lately?

Apparently boobs have come out of the closet.  I saw an entire infomercial claiming one can finally get the right fit if they would only order some special kit.  Then, I saw a blog post about how the Reddit bra fitting forum changed someone's life.  Okay, maybe it just made it possible for her to finally figure out how to get a bra that fit well, but she was really raving about it.  Who knew a bra fitting forum even existed? 

I wandered over to Reddit and, sure enough, there is a huge community of women who are not gonna take that fits-good-enough bra anymore. Be warned that visiting may result in hours and hours of learning about the hows and whys of bra fitting along with some extensive giggle-inducing measuring.  As it turned out, I am a size that no regular store is ever going to carry which, in turn, landed me at a lovely little shop with this sign:
Madame Pirie's Famise Corset and Lingerie Shop.  I can't even think about how much money I spent that day. I'd say it was just the excitement of finally finding bras that fit so well, but I'm pretty sure the sign had something to do with it, too. 

Now I'm kicking myself for not buying a couple of these contraptions when I was in the Container Store.
They are zippered bra cases to prevent squashing in the suitcase.  I took the photo cuz I thought, "Who buys this stuff?"  Now I know that they are for people who spend way too much money in the lingerie shop.  On the bright side, the new stuff is so pretty Brian didn't complain;-)


  1. I guess I need a custom bra...but really, I don't think anything is ever going to make me love a bra. I miss the 70's when no one wore one and it was perfectly acceptable. (Of course I was younger and a little perkier back then!)

  2. Hello???? Where are you these days girl???

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