Friday, October 18, 2013

Have You Ever Refinished Kitchen Chairs?

I knew this wouldn't be much fun, but I had no idea how hard it would be to refinish chairs with lots of grooved spindles.  I HAD to do it because this is my idea of a new kitchen set

--lots of metal and very little wood, and this is Brian's idea for the new kitchen set

--no metal and lots of wood. 

Rather than spend money on something I didn't want, I decided to refinish the chairs to our kitchen set that came as a package deal with my husband thirty years ago.  That would be thirty-plus years of grubby hands wearing off the finish

and seat cushions.

After four horrific days of trying to strip and sand spindled chairs, they are finished.
Had I any idea how hard sanding spindles was going to be, I'd have gone along with Brian's choice.  I will never, ever refinish another piece of furniture.  On the other hand, I do really like the fabric for the cushions.  It an indoor-outdoor fabric from Joann's. 


  1. Oh my - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your version of the kitchen table and chairs - is gorgeous! Unfortunately, my current set looks pretty much like yours did - over 28 years, the finish has been worn off by the same grubby hands, haha. I'm not going to refinish the set though - I'm holding out for both kids to move out, then for hubby to realize it's time to downsize - THEN I'll buy one like the first picture you posted :D I like your redo - especially the seat fabric! I bet the air turned blue while you were doing all that sanding and stripping - YIKES, lol!

  2. I stripped and sanded so much furniture when we were first married. Everything we had was second hand. Immense satisfaction when I finished each item, but, oh, I did NOT enjoy the process and I will never, ever do it again. You've done a brilliant job on both the woodwork and the cushion.

  3. Well you did a lovely job! I love the smart choice of an indoor outdoor fabric..much easier to clean off. Pretty too! I think I'm going to paint mine...I have no patience for refinishing and I'm too cheap to have it done!

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